How I was scammed by Lagos Fraudsters – Man based in Lagos.

An Unidentified man has narrated how he was scammed by Lagos fraudsters, he narrated his experience in a hilarious way.

Though the event happened eight years ago he can’t get over the phone and other valuable he lost to the scammers

In his own words, he said “It was at Fagba Bus stop when a man walked to me and asked if I know a popular tradomedics, that he wants to sell Roots and herbs to him at a good price. I’d get a share if I take him there. I responded I don’t know the place. He kept toasting me and suggested we ask someone. Mumu me helped him ask a lady nearer us. She side she knows the place but will like if I can join too cause she doesn’t trust going alone with the Man. The seller agreed to give me and the lady a huge sum, which pumped up my adrenaline. Decided to go with her, it’s just to show him the place I followed them.

“I followed them until it’s looking like *dem dey carry me go where I no know*. From Fagba, we reach lju Ishaga, bro I’m a clown I was dancing with the Circus. Damn I was just doing my own financial liberation calculation. We passed Ishaga market, It was right here I knew I messed up. We passed between houses eventually got to a stop. A fiercely Làlúdé looking man came out munching some Yoruba chants. These people acted like they wanted to sell something, I was the transaction.

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“They took all I’ve got,my ATM including my phone which the man spoke some incantations and hit the phone on my little belly. Phew, the phone disappeared. I started sweating, I got more scared and they told me the phone will ring out loud if I misbehave csure it’s inside me, they told me at this juncture, I can’t talk to anybody on this, if I do the phone will ring and that’s the end “I’d die” me? an aspiring Millionaire shall not die. They ordered me to go home and bring all the money in our house, which will be needed in the process for the retrieval of my life and the phone, I told them we might have about 700k at home.

“So they allowed me go warning me not to talk. I didn’t talk to anyone, I just ram home, silently reciting Ayatul kurisiy as an Alfa Agba that I am. I got home, rushed inside my parents room and started ransacking everywhere. Luckily, my dad walked in and saw me violating the room. He said, “Hey what’s wrong? “, I did not respond to him cause of the warning I was given. He screamed at me again but I didn’t care I was just searching for money. He knew something was wrong as I was sweating profusely. He calmed me.

“That man is strong, told me to talk that there won’t be a problem. dad I’m at the verge of deuth, you ask me to talk, I was just pointing to my tummy trying to explain to him, Eventually, I was calmed, he asked me to say a little prayer and be confident. I explained to him and yeah I didn’t die.

“Play me I’M ALIVE by Celine Dion. I didn’t die, no phone rang. If i hadn’t met my dad, trust me I’d have taken money to them My dad called his friend, we all headed down there (somewhere in Elliot). His friend warned about those guys. We looked glancely but couldn’t find them this happened about 8 years ago. I’m still alive but my Nokia Asha still hurts till now.

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