Lady loses friend after refusing to pick her calls for weeks.

An unidentified lady has come out to narrate how she lost her friend after refusing to pick her calls for weeks, in an anonymous message she explained how her friend turned into a beggar which made her decide not to take her calls.

She said “I simply don’t know how to feel better about what I did, which is incredibly unforgiveable. I have this friend that makes bad relationship decision almost every time and this kept on going till she found herself stuck with a funny guy as a result of this behavior.

“From a brilliant sharp looking lady, she receded to a shadow of herself and practically became a beggar.

“Sometimes, i avoid her call for months because all she calls for was money and nothing more.

“Although I tried my best until I got tired. We spoke a few months back after a year of no communication and she asked for money as usual, I was in a pretty bad situation so i told her I would sort her when I can.

“Two weeks after, she wouldn’t stop calling for a whole day, but i ignored her call because I had no money.

“A week after someone told me she died and all those time she was calling, she was on her sick bed. I feel terrible because I could have just listened to her.

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